Winchester’s past puppy pictures listed below:

Winchester’s past puppy pictures listed below:

WINNIE AND BO’s little goblins posted here weekly !! 6/males & 4/females all puppies have loving homes to go home to ; except 2-males went to ST.JUDE FUNDRAISER NOVEMBER 08,2019. This is a wonderful opportunity to support children with cancer by buying a puppy at the event. They raised $34,000.000. God is GOOD !!

The Axsom family taking their precious Bailey Madison home. “Teal”
Lime Green is now named Ivory !! Thanks to Mikaela and Charles
Lady Grace (pink girl) in the loving arms of John and Alison Urlaud. She is going to be trained to be an awesome retriever.
Dave and Margaret and Caroline and Clark are so proud to have their second Ducks In A Row Lab puppy !! Purple girl is now Gracie and her partner she will be raised with is George.
The Housman family taking Big O home renamed Sampson.
Olivia and Andrew taking (hunter green) “Leopold” home to Tyler,Texas
Alex and Ally proud owners of (black collar boy) Leo .
Teal girl @ 6/week
Teal girl @ 6/week
Pink girl @ 6/week
Pink girl @ 6/week
Purple girl @ 6/week
Purple girl @ 6/week
Lime Green girl @ 6/week
Lime Green girl @ 6/week
Orange Boy @ 6/week

Gold Boy @ 6/week
Gold Boy @ 6/week
Blue Boy @ 6/week
Blue Boy @ 6/week
Black Boy @ 6/week
Black Boy @ 6/week
Red Boy @ 6/weeks
Red boy @ 6/weeks
Gold Collar Boy @ 5 wks wt. #6.46
Red Boy @ 5 wks. #6.38
Orange Boy @ 5 wks. #7.84
Blue Boy @ 5wks. #6.86
Black Collar Boy @ 5wks. #6.92
Pink Girl @ 5wks. #5.88
Purple Girl @ 5wks. #6.62
Lime Green Girl @ 5 wks. #7.04
Teal Girl @ 5wks. #5.48
Teal Girl @ 4wks. #4.68
Pink Girl @ 4wks. #5.46
Purple Girl @ 4wks. #5.70
Lime Green Girl @ 4wks. #6.38
Black Collar Boy @ 4wks. #6.10
Blue Boy @ 4wks. #6.54
Orange Boy @ 4wks. #6.76
Orange Boy @ 4wks. #6.76
Hunter Green Boy @ 4wks. #5.68
Gold Boy @ 4wks. #5.84
Red Boy @ 4wks. #5.52
Gold Collar Boy @ 3wks wt. 3.92
Black Collar Boy @ 3wks wt. 3.70
Blue Boy @ 3wks wt. 4.36
Orange Boy @ 3wks wt. 4.26 (sleepyhead)
Hunter Green Boy @ 3wks wt. 3.78
Red Boy @ 3 wks wt. 3.38
Ms Teal girl @ 3wks wt. 2.84 “smallest girl”
Ms Purple girl @ 3wks wt. 3.60
Ms Pink 3 weeks
Lime Green 3weeks old
Gold Boy @ 2 wks 2.92#
Red Boy @ 2 wks 2.70#
Blue Boy @ 2 wks 3.30#
Black Collar Boy @ 2 wks 3.24#
Hunter Green Boy @ 2 wks 3.08#
Orange Boy @ 2 wks 3.28#
Lime Green girl @ 2wks 3.34#
Purple girl @ 2wks 2.80#
Pink girl @ 2wks 2.64#
Teal girl @ 2wks 2.24#
4/girls and 6/boys
October 4,2019
Winnie watching over her puppies at 2 weeks of age.
10 days old Winnie’s 6- boys 09/29/2019
Halloween Goblins all dressed for the party !! 6/boys
Halloween Ghost !! 4-girls 10 days old
10 days old Winnie’s 4-girls 09/29/2019


 Winchester’s first litter born JULY 27, 2018
4-Females 5-Males
All puppies have been accounted for! Puppies are chosen in pecking order. First deposit,second deposit ….  

SIRE: Bo Diamond Duece III

DAM: Winchester of Ducks In A Row Labs

Winnie’s puppies are 6 weeks old going to be picked out and taken home tomorrow 9/8/2018. Thank you to all my wonderful families !!

Red boy wt.8.92 @ 6 weeks

Blue Boy wt. 9.66 @ 6 weeks

Orange Boy wt.10.40 @ 6 weeks

Black Boy wt.8.70 @ 6 weeks

Green Boy wt.9.44 @ 6 weeks

Purple girl wt.8.00 @ 6 weeks

Yellow girl wt.8.06 @ 6 weeks

Pink girl wt.8.66 @ 6 weeks

1st-Teal going home !! To Becky and Jim Franklin she will live in Lake Jackson,Texas

3rd-Miss Yellow “Heidi” belongs to THE BROWN FAMILY living in Kingwood,Texas

2nd- Purple will go home on Monday to Bar R Kennels in Katy,Tx

4th-Miss Pink ” Viva” belongs to newly-weds The SANFELIPPO’s living in “H” town.

1st pick -Green boy “Rugger” in the arms of David and Golly Everett from Pineville,LA going to his BIG FAMILY back home. They wait with open arms!!

2nd pick- Red boy ” Bo Sampson in Cheryl’s arms going to live with the Axsom family in Humble,Tx

3rd – Orange boy “Huckleberry” in the arms of Daddy Paul Record and family going to live in Conroe,Texas

4th – These are return customers that purchased a lab 2 years ago. Just needed another playmate for Riley. The Faber’s; he will live in Tomball,Tx.

5th Black- Gunner is his name. He will be raised with another lab this family has from Bo’s direct bloodline 2nd generation. Family picture forth coming.
He will live in Crockett,Texas. The puppies are 8.5 weeks old 9/27/2018.Thank you to all my wonderful customers for their pictures to share on DUCKS IN A ROW LABS website.


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