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The Brag Book

This is the place to BRAG!!!  I know how wonderful, smart, funny and adorable these puppies are that we raise. However, the next puppy owner looking to purchase a lab from Ducks-In-A-Row-Labs is looking for feedback from you.
Please email ducksinarowlabs@aol.com pictures and comments about your special little hunting dog and/or companion. I will post them and you will have so much fun showing off your puppy on the website.

Ms.Yellow Sunshine named Poppy.
“Our little Poppy Girl is the light of our life. She completes our little family and has made our lonely boy Beckham the happiest old guy there ever was! She is adorable, spunky and super smart! She already has learned sit, stay, potty on command in just a little over one week. We don’t know what we did before her. I would recommend Ducks in A Row Labs to anyone looking for a lab puppy. We now have a black and chocolate lab, I guess we might be needing a yellow one next!

-Shane, Aubrey, Beckham and Poppy Bergeson”

Pistol Annie/Major Grant Sept.1,2015 “Ms.Orange Charcoal”
Lori Darlin’ is such a loving, smart dog, and she has fit right in from the moment we brought her home.  She has been absolutely surrounded by kids since we brought her home and she has not been rattled by it one bit.  She has a great time playing chase with them and the kids love it too!  She has also encountered several of the neighborhood dogs with no problem.  We gave Lori a stuffed duck as a homecoming gift and she shocked us when she began retrieving it on the first night we had her!  We have come further than expected with potty training.  After just two days she is starting to realize that she gets rewarded for going outside, and we are starting to have more successes than failures.  Lori has done remarkably well in her crate during the day and at night.  She seems to feel very content and safe in it and has had very few accidents in it.  Above all, she is an absolutely sweet, loving, precious puppy and we are thrilled to have her in our family!I love this picture of Lori Darlin’ and had to share. I took it during her first trip to our family’s place in the country. She is doing great! She is very sweet and smart and is a perfect addition to our family! pictures on Pistol Annie’s page

Mandy Hester

Kali / Cannon pup 4/8/2015 Willie Pete
We got Wille Pete out of Kali and Cannon’s litter in May 2015. He has been a wonderful , intelligent puppy and a perfect member of our family.  He has started training for bird hunting and is meeting all our expectations and more.
Pam and  BD are awesome. They kept us very updated on our puppy and are very knowledgeable about labs. You can truly tell how much they love their dogs.
Gary and Shirley

Kali/Cannon pup Ellie 4/08/ 2015

Ellie has been an incredible puppy. She was fully potty-trained at about 8 weeks. She has since learned sit, stay, come, and down all before she was even 9 weeks old. She has been a perfect friend, and I can’t thank you enough for what all you did raising her.


Bugatti / Cannon 2012      St.Jude Auction Fundraiser

We were one of the fortunate families to win the winning bid at a St. Jude auction for a Ducks In A Row Lab. Our baby Saint has grown into a beautiful 3 year old who is a fantastic companion and a lover of bird hunting. We could never have asked for a better addition to our family. I believe in the work you all do to produce such a quality dog. The love and care you all have for your work shows!
Thank you, Lisa

Marley/Cannon’s pup 2012

I wanted to take some time to give you an update on my “orange-boy” puppy I purchased from you last year out of Marley/Cannon’s litter.  Samson has grown to a strong 65lbs! (He was less than 8lbs at his 7 weeks check-up)! He trained easily (house broken by week 7 and mastered basic commands at week 9), is EXTREMELY smart, and he loves to swim/retrieve. Most of all Samson is a brilliant companion.  It’s a running joke that he’s my boyfriend’s kiddo during the day, but at night he just wants to hang with “momma.”

Marley/Cannon’s pup 2014
I love this wonderful Bleu!! He has the best demeanor!! He is a quick learner and eager to please!!
I tell all Marley was the most wonderful mama!! She was such a terrific mother to the pups!! Her demeanor was fantastic!!
Cannon ‘s disposition sold me immediately!! He was in his kennel, 15 barking dogs, strangers walking around, and you called his name…..he sat obediently looking at you and waited quietly until you walked away releasing him!! This was the most spectacular display if inner discipline in a dog!! I had never seen this before in any animal!!!
I keep the puppies would be the best!!!
Thank you

Marley/Cannon’s pup 2014
Thanks! Duke has a great disposition. People have noticed how perceptive he is; always very aware of what is going on around him; docile and loving but a protector too. Guy did a good job training him. Follows instructions very well, still a puppy though.
Thank you,Kim

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